New Media – Widening Your Reach

New Media is a powerful communication and marketing tool to convey your brand’s message and establish your brand across a much larger consumer base. We, at Glu, help you embrace technology and leverage it to your best advantage, without having to invest into mastering it.

Whether you wish to be a game changer, play the game on your own turf or just stay in the race, we strategize accordingly.

With the explosion of Internet penetration, your website has become the face of your company for most of your customers. We help you establish a strong presence with this tool. With a focus on media digitalization and media convergence, we get the conversation going around your brand. We invite and involve your customers. We foster their participation and increase interactivity. Addressing customer queries and capturing their feedback not only allows you to build stronger ties, but also gives you critical inputs for enhancing your offering. We form a community around your brand and boost brand recall.

Our services revolve around digital media planning, creating industry buzz through onsite and offsite optimization, Search engine optimization, display advertising, video  advertising and social media marketing(like Facebook, YouTube Twitter, etc).

Get Glu to make your customers stick to your brand!

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