Ambient Media – Spreading the Word

Ambient Media, a new breed of out-of-home products and services, is a versatile and precise form of advertising stream, a result of the cluttering of traditional media.

How Ambient Media Works for Your Brand

We can produce mass attention in centralized locations, besides direct consumer interaction in the course of everyday activities.

What Ambient Media Entails

Everything! Our Ambient Media programs focus on everyday interaction channels that people come across on a routine basis… car park receipts, handles of supermarket trolleys, banners across buildings, etc. Innovation is the key! We help you conceive, plan and implement ambient media campaigns that are non-traditional in approach yet, impactful in effect.

How Ambient Media Campaigns are Planned

Our first necessary step is a detailed assessment of your business model, your target consumer, your current brand value and your market standing. It is vital for us to comprehensively understand your brand’s current positioning and your objective. Then we devise a strategy to meet your needs as a brand. We value your inputs and incorporate them in planning and executing the campaign.

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