Our Work

We do everything out there.  With substance and style. New Media, Ambient Media, Legacy Media, Brand Aktivation and Events. Our 360 degree solution covers more ground than most 360s out there.

The broad categories into which our services fall are:

We don’t believe in preference. We lean towards ideas that your brand needs. Glu’s key emphasis in on relationship building; whether it is between you and us or between your brand and your consumers.

We follow a flexible and comprehensive approach. A detailed assessment of your business model, your target market and the positioning of your brand provide inputs into the strategy we formulate for you. Based on these, we choose the platforms and vehicles that are best suited for your business. Then comes our creativity into planning and executing every aspect of the branding strategy. We believe in optimized and measurable results where ever possible.

The services may vary, but the objective remains the same – wowing our clients… yes that’s YOU. We are with you at every step of the way.

We boast of a combination of technical expertise, creative skills, affiliation with industry professionals and commitment to innovation. We are confident that we can work wonders for your brand and your business.

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