For most of the businesses, it can be difficult to create the perfect evening, day conference, corporate events or weekend event, without hitting a few snags. In simple words, it’s not financially economical for self-organizing events, especially when employees often have no formal training or expertise of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

By outsourcing your event to Glu Brand Aktivaiton you are guaranteed an expertly managed function that is well-coordinated and will not only save money but will also impress may it be a conference, meeting, or celebration.

Our corporate event manages services are unique because of the high professionalism and highly dedicated as per your company objectives. We know very well that our performance and its final result is an image of your corporate image and brand identity. So, it’s our objective to excel all of your expectations and our expertise backed by years of experience helps to present your brand in an innovative way. Our event designers and production team works with you to arrange seminars, office parties, outdoor shows and client receptions. We will be happy to submit a proposal for your coming event at any time.

Organizing of the event includes:

  • Booking and Venue options
  • Accommodation in hotels and outstation guest transfers
  • Setup of venue for stage numbering and seating
  • Setup of venue for guest layout and seating
  • Staff hiring for guests escorting to their seats.
  • Equipment’s hiring for audio-visual like collar mikes, mikes, projectors, sound systems, laptops, LCDs.
  • Agenda printing and its distribution at main hall entrance
  • Staff and information booths stationing
  • Print media display in the shape of banners or stands, visible at prominent venue locations.
  • Host company print media distribution in the audience.
  • Stationary provision at each audience seat.
  • Press release distribution, notifying venue, date and time before the event, if event is for general public.
  • Prime guests invitation and their presence confirmation via personal calls.
  • Spokespersons and chief guests greeting with bouquets or garlands.
  • Refreshments provision of AM/PM and formal dinner at the end of the day.
  • Emcee hiring for spokespersons introduction and interaction of audience

Please feel free to email Deeba with you queries at:

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