Beyond Media – Going Below the Line

Beyond Media or Below The Line (BTL) communication is unconventional in nature, done at micro level and forms part of non-media communication. This highly targeted form of advertising allows you to make great impact, boost your brand awareness.

We blend creativity and innovation with persistence and discipline to create a campaign that makes a huge difference to your business, this is an extremely personalized and an effective medium! This is because it is measurable. And because it is measurable, it is possible to align the strategy to what works best for you and your brand. Great insight into your RoI (returns on investment) is possible through this increasingly indispensible tool.

At a Glance:

Retail Marketing
Consumer Promotions
In-store Communication
Production Management in Print, Electronic, and Audio Visual
Trade Engagement Program
Corporate branding, Brochures
POS Production & Management

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